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Slots status:


✦ Send an email to

✦ Prices​​ bellow are for just one character, with in the background. Ask for a quote for additional details.

✦ PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal only


✦ Send an email to 

✦Values quoted below are for one character only, with no background or backgrounds.

Ask for a quote for additional details.

✦ How it works: every month I have order slots. Your order may fill one or more slots depending on the difficulty. Payment must be made in advance (100% of the value) and after confirmation of payment, your slot is reserved, and soon I will start producing the art.

✦PAYMENT METHODS: Bank deposit, Paypal and Picpay. 

Values in R$

Full Color

Portrait / Retrato: U$60 /  R$180
Half-body / Meio Corpo: U$80 /  R$220

Full Body / Corpo Inteiro: U$100 /  R$ 250


Simple Color

Portrait / Retrato: U$30 /  R$130
Half-body / Meio Corpo: U$50 /  R$ 180

Full Body / Corpo Inteiro: U$70 /  R$ 220



 Starts at U$25 per item /  Apartir de R$70 por item


Sketch + color

Portrait / Retrato: U$10 /  R$50
Half-body / Meio Corpo: U$20 /  R$80

Full Body / Corpo Inteiro: U$30 /  R$ 130